Work: Front-End QA, Project & Production Management

The details of managing technical development of a digital project and assuring the highest quality outcome can be mind-numbing. Unless you’re into that kind of thing. Oddly enough, I am!

I fill an uncommon niche, able to connect with multiple cross-discipline stakeholders in a language primary to each, thanks to my varied background in both technology and design. I form synergistic, collaborative relationships with my developers and can clarify project requirements and nuances in a way that makes sense to them.

I’m a func-spec fiend and work closely with my devs to ensure every display ad, email, landing page or website project behaves as expected across all target platforms/environments. But I also maintain a critical UI/UX eye to keep it real. I believe there’s a place for automation, but it’s the human QA touch that makes a project great, not just error-free—putting the “U” into user interface & experience, you might say.

I invite you to enjoy my favorite QA joke, from a guy I’ve never met, but I’m quite sure I’d like a lot if I did.