Kaiser Permanente: QA, Dev, Backend Management

From the moment this client signed on, in the fever-pitch days of the original implementation of the ACA (Obama-care, if you prefer), I provided quality assurance for a range of deliverables, including this microsite for the business LOB. The agency executed multiple campaigns, involving emails, landing pages, DRTV, and display, all tied together via extensive database integrations living on a sophisticated, company-birthed marketing intelligence platform.

Later on, I inherited code maintenance/updating of the kpbiz.org site, as well as becoming ad hoc admin of the platform, which involved managing an installation of over two dozen Rackspace servers (mostly Linux), updating Python scripts and learning to use DB tools and services such as Navicat and Spotfire.

My Role

  • QA
  • Project Management
  • Development
  • Backend Server & DB Management