Work Experience

You can do it right, or you can do it half-assed.

Roy Burgess, my favorite Texan I never actually met, may not have been the first to ask it, but I love the binary simplicity of this question as a guiding principle. Basically, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. I have a passionate attachment to “doing it right,” which has served me well in a fast-moving industry that doesn’t allow much room for error.

Over the last several years, my focus has been on quality assurance processes/implementation, testing and digital project management. It’s felt like the culmination of everything I’d done—and learned—before.

I bring to it an understanding and sensitivity to communication design from my art director days; the discipline and rigorous attention to detail honed by a decade in the production trenches; a life-long, problem-solving nature; and finally, the curiosity and relentless drive to follow technology into the future.

As a QA engineer, I go beyond the check-box routine, keeping my eyes fresh for over-looked UX and functionality issues, embracing a behavior-driven approach and an integrated, embedded QA strategy.

As a designer, I’m disciplined and goals-driven, while always striving for a fresh, on-strategy approach. I’m a stickler for technical precision and accountability, thinking through concepts for successful, no-surprises execution. Having spent a number of years in the sometimes-insane world of a small, nimble ad agency, I’ve learned to move with agility and über efficiency, to think ahead and plan for every contingency.

For my design projects, most of which I took from concept thru file prep and production release, please go here. For projects I helped bring to fruition while at the helm of a production studio, go to this page. Last but not least, to see some of the projects I’ve shepherded thru digital production as technical PM and/or QA engineer, please click here.