Work Experience

You can do it right, or you can do it half-assed.

Roy Burgess, my favorite Texan who I never actually met, may not have been the first to pose the question, but the binary simplicity of the query appeals to me. Choosing the former v. the latter is the theme of this site, and for better or for worse,  it’s the core of who I am. I’m just not wired for “good enough.” Of course the calculus around “what is the best we can do with the resources and time we have” is the artful implementation of the “good enough is not good enough” ethos. Reality is reality, after all.

Over the last several years, my focus has been on digital project management, implementation and QA. It’s felt like the culmination of everything I’d done before.

I bring to it an understanding and sensitivity to communication design from my art director days; the discipline and rigorous attention to detail honed by a decade in the production trenches; a life-long, problem-solving nature; and finally, the curiosity and relentless drive to follow technology into the future.

In my QA engineer capacity, I go beyond the test-driven, check-box routine, keeping my eyes fresh for over-looked UX and functionality issues, embracing a behavior-driven approach and an integrated, embedded QA strategy.

As a designer, I’m disciplined and goals-driven, while always striving for a fresh approach. I’m a stickler for technical precision and accountability, thinking through concepts for successful, no-surprises execution. Having spent a number of years in the sometimes-insane world of a small, nimble ad agency, I’ve learned to move with agility and über efficiency, to think ahead and plan for every contingency.

To peruse my design projects, most of which I took from concept thru file prep and production release, please follow this link. To check out the projects I helped bring to fruition while at the helm of a production studio, go to this page. Last but not least, to see some of the projects I’ve shepherded thru digital production as technical PM and/or QA engineer, please click here.