About Suz

Seems a little self-indulgent to include an “about” page, since this entire site is ABOUT ME. Then again, it’s pretty much all about me in the context of my professional life, so this page is reserved for the non-work me. If by some bizarre chance you haven’t had enough of the working me by the time you get to this page, there’s more over on LinkedIn, including some nice recommendations and skill-specific stuff. And if you still don’t have enough, click here for my résumé.

Though I’ve been happily ensconced in the lower NY Hudson Valley for a while now, I’m originally from the midwest—born in Chicago, raised mostly in Michigan (GO BLUE!). I did a tour in the USAF, honorably discharged from a base in the Florida panhandle where I also finished up my BA in studio/graphic art, with a couple of minors in advertising and marketing (University of West Florida…Go Argonauts!).

When I’m not messing with computers, gadgets and other electrics, I love to cook, kayak, sail, or sit on the front porch & play my guitar. I brew my own beer, grow a garden of mainly herbs and tomatoes, and aspire to make cheese—in part to feed my obsession with making the perfect pizza.

I’m in love with the Hudson River, which I can spy across the treetops from my home, and am a proud member of the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club that sits on its banks. A little cabin in the woods of the Adirondack Mountains has been my haven/escape for over a decade, a place where there are more stars than background sky on a clear night.