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Experience & Capabilities

Graphic designer, front-end QA, creative technologist, process/systems czar … years as an award-winning art/creative director, as well as at the helm of a print & digital production studio … a total of 20+ years’ agency experience. Technology fiend. Relentless, meticulous, curious, competent & committed to the making of great stuff.

Graphic Design

My origin is as a designer, which steered me toward advertising, an industry I’ve worked in for over 20 years. The work directly below represents my time as an art director and creative director, as well as freelance projects, both print and digital.

Front-End QA & Technical PM

I’ve managed the development, done QA/testing/issue logging & tracking, and regularly created and updated assets for WordPress, Drupal, Magento and hand-coded sites, as well as marketing emails, landing pages and display advertising. I’ve transcoded and subtitled videos, generated animated SVG graphics and composited images. I’ve worked with internal, off-site, and contract developers and animators to produce/QA countless HTML emails and scores of Flash and HTML5 display ads. I’m a very hands-on troubleshooting partner and don’t mind jumping into code for review and tweaking.

Print/Direct Mail/Digital Marketing Production

With years of experience as a working manager of a fast-paced production studio, I know my way around specs, mechs, and comps—and production artists, who are a breed unto themselves. I’ve managed internal resources and external contractors, maintaining a tight grip on quality control, as the bi-directional conduit in and out of the production studio. As is often the case of production gurus, I’ve also anchored the creation/maintenance/policing of agency workflows and processes.

QA/PM/Print Production work samples

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